How to become a Virtual School Parent

How to become a Virtual School Parent

In these times of Covid19 when schooling has gone online, parents have to have additional responsibility, in ensuring and facilitating a child’s learning.

Amidst all the chaos due to COVID-19, we as parents have certain concerns for the education of our children since the ‘National lockdown’ has caused all the school campuses to shut down. Nonetheless we at ‘Modern School, Lucknow’ believe that a child’s learning should never cease so we came up with the idea of a virtual school. 

These virtual classes are a great option for many families but require support from a dedicated parent or a family member.  This article will help parents and families prepare for their new and indeed a rewarding role.

If your child is transitioning into a new learning environment, you will soon be playing a significant part in his or her education. Like any other new venture, becoming a well-informed ‘virtual school parent’ requires time and dedication. Actively preparing for and learning about your new role as a ‘home learning manager-facilitator’ will greatly support the child’s learning management at home.

Consider the following suggestions to help you and your family, prepare for a successful lockdown period:

Here are some ways to help you get into a virtual school routine:


  • Review your student’s course calendar for upcoming tests and projects, especially the ones that require advanced preparation.
  • Schedule time for online sessions, studying, and extracurricular activities.


  • Make sure that your Lernio App in your mobiles is updated to avoid any technical issues during the day.
  • Determine which assignments need to be completed.
  • Review any school announcements.
  • Read and respond to messages.
  • Note and address any overdue lessons for your child.
  • Keep a track of the schedule of the online  (ZOOM) sessions.

You can keep the momentum going during the off-campus school day by being attentive and proactive. If your school provides a to-do list or a list of assignments, make sure you know where to locate each one and how to submit the assignment for a grade. You can effectively play your new role in virtual school and help your child make the most of his or her school year by planning ahead, using the school’s resources, and staying organized.

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