Coronavirus online/off-campus schooling – a boon for the children

Coronavirus online/off-campus schooling - a boon for the children

Even in the hour of global disaster, there should be no hindrance to the educational development of the children. How should their overall development be done?  


Our Modern School, Lucknow has solved this unexpected problem of online teaching and learning, by creating Zoom classes, complete with weekly/fortnightly assessment, syllabus and parental education.


This is very appreciative. With this, children, teachers, and parents will all be safe, healthy and creative at home.  Our school has made a huge contribution to the country, directly or indirectly, because the most effective step in removing the epidemic ‘corona’ from the world is that we are locked up at home. 


Being disconnected from society and school campuses is not less than any mental torture. But this is the demand of the time, we have to take this step; in such a situation, the parents are applauded by the responsible decision taken by our school.  We, the teachers, are also very happy and satisfied. We thank our school for this. We also appeal to the parents to share the school’s responsibility at home. They should also ensure that they pay the fees in time so that the school is not under stress due to financial problems.


 Modern School, Lucknow

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