We are proud of being VMWC parents

We have a son named Viraaj Khattri who is experiencing VMWC education. He is currently in grade U.KG. VMWC has provided a safe and comfortable environment for our child to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the kids to develop skills in those areas that are critical in further education and the work environment. Our son has been successful in his last past years and is still performing good due in part, to the foundation built through their education at VMWC. Beyond the core education that our son received, so important to their experience is the environment where this is achieved. Classes have limited number of kids and the education is personal. The class teacher Mrs. Nidhi Soni knows her students very well and is able to tailor efforts to individual student needs. She is never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on our mind, whether a concern we have with our child, suggestions or ideas we may have or just a simple question we need an answer to. She always genuinely listens, and cares with taking interest in getting to know about each and every child. VMWC provides a high quality, faith-based education in a family type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development. This school is a community of caring students, teachers and parents. Here our child’s faith is nourisdhed and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions. VMWC is a second home for our child where he has made great friends and memories and is learning invaluable lessons that will stay with him forever. VMWC is and always will be a blessing to our family and we are proud of being a VMWC parent.

Parents –
Shalini Khattri
Vishal Khattri.

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