At VMWC, my daughter is in happy, healthy and learning environment

Dear Teacher,

It’s my pleasure to write this letter to you and let you know my feelings about VMWC. I have been pleased with the warm, loving experience my daughter have had since beginning at VMWC nearly two years ago.

Not only the academic curriculum amazing,  but also encourages children to be social and get to know about the culture.

The staff and teachers are down to earth. We as a parents feel free to talk about anything. The methods of teaching is very good and children had much fun with activities. The best thing is they learn while enjoying.

I’m so happy that I choose VMWC for my daughter. Each day my daughter comes home and tell me the things that she is learning and I’m so proud of her. I would not hesitate to recommend VMWC to any parent looking for quality education. I’m confident that each and every day I leave my daughter in VMWC and I know that she is in happy, healthy and learning environment that is helping her to grow and be the best she can be.

P/o Vaani Anand,
UKG Blue.

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