The teachers are ‘COVID WARRIORS’, a Modernite parent expresses her gratitude for the school’s endless efforts

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“Learning is an ongoing process. it never stops and surely it cannot end.” Amid COVID19, the teachers are none less than COVID warriors too, taking extra effort to make sure their students don’t miss out on their learning process.  I would like to express my gratitude to all the teachers of Modern School for their endless and tiring efforts. Different from the traditional practice of learning within the four boundary walls of the school, the online virtual class allows students to have an insight into the learning process in the future. Open to vast horizons, the internet allows students to do research, analyze, and reflect on much broader aspects.

Keeping young inquisitive minds during this tough time is a herculean task, for which I as a parent would not only like to thank & would like to cooperate with teachers to make our kids’ future better.

Not to mention, we all stand together in this crisis, stay home, stay safe. May God bless us all.

Kind regards,

M/O Sakina Hussain

Grade 2 red


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