Reflecting the experience with Online Education in response to Covid-19

Reflecting the experience with Online Education in response to Covid-19

The present situation has forced us to respond and redesign our learning styles digitally without much preparedness. The use of technology was already there in the traditional teaching in terms of smart classes and video lectures, but the lockdown scenario has given impetus to pure online education.

         In the wake of this, the responsibility of the three pertinent stakeholders in the education process i.e. Parent-Teacher-Child has increased manifold. Teachers are working rigorously to adapt to the digital pedagogical tools, getting technically equipped; parents have to assume multiple roles of being a parent, professional as well as educator, and the child is also making efforts to get acquainted with the new learning environment. It is a challenge for everyone but there is no other alternative at the moment. We all need to work together as a team to ensure that no one’s interest is jeopardized and the ultimate stakeholder i.e. the child is able to get holistic development in terms of knowledge, skills, personality development, and character building. For sure, online education at the primary and secondary level is not a substitute for the offline method as social interaction is imperative for a child to develop interpersonal skills and the online environment lacks the experience imparted by the physical study environment(especially in practical subjects). Besides, there are concerns regarding the productive engagement and health of the child as well.

         At the same time, it also opens a plethora of opportunities for the child to adapt to self-learning methods using IT, handling digital devices with greater responsibility as well as for the digital native generation of the parents and teachers to develop a greater affinity towards online education process and explore innovative digital mediums; each stakeholder needs to be innovative and work in collaboration to make it successful. We all need to work optimistically as a team to cope with the present and shift to the new normal.

 Nidhi Nagar  Educator/ Parent of Angad Nagar, Class-2 Green

Thank you, Mrs. Nidhi Nagar.

Modern School Team of Educators

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