Parents give Guru Dakshina to Alma Mater

We thank the donors for recognising the school as a servant to the world. For the children it is the Alma Mater, that is, the second mother. For the parents, it aims to be a great moral and emotional support.

The school was founded as a tribute to the great spiritual teacher Shri J Krishnamurti. It was never founded as a business or an ego system. It is part of the ecosystem of the world for the welfare of the world and good development of children. All our alumni are well settled in life.

Your donation or dakshina is a token of recognition of our honest services.

Guru Dakshina by Mrs. Shanker, mother of Rishit, Grade 6

Rs. 10,000

"I thank all the teachers and administration for conducting the online classes so smoothly. Special thanks to teachers for working so hard and benefitting the students in the current scenario."

Guru Dakshina by Mr. Abhishek Pandey, father of Arnav Pandey, Grade 5

Rs. 5,000

"Thanks for the guidance given to my children."

Guru Dakshina by Mrs. S.S., mother of 8th & 9th graders

Rs. 5,000

"As a parent, I am very grateful to the school for building strength (abilities) in my children."

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