Emotional Intelligence- An essential ingredient for 21st Century Leadership

Emotional Intelligence- An essential ingredient for 21st Century Leadership

According to a review done  by Daniel Goleman (2016) of the studies done by various researchers and businesses across the world- Success at any level of an organisation for its leader depends on his/her quotient of emotional intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence or EI is a different way of being smart, it’s a way in which you manoeuvre yourself and your relationships. It can help you to develop skills and strengths.

How can you test EI?

When you wish to test someone’s intelligence or so to say intellectual smarts, you test their Intelligence quotient, commonly known as IQ but what do you do when one has to test soemone’s EI? You must look at their skill at handling emotional tasks. How aware they are of their own emotions? How well do they manage their emotions? How do they interact with those around them? These questions about one’s skills are the basis to test a person’s capability of exceptional leadership. Technically speaking they are based on a competence model designed by different organisations.

The Competence Model

  • In this, a systematic analysis and determination of the abilities, or competencies is made which are expected to be found in high performers and not visible in the average.


  • In today’s time every organisation with a high-quality HR operation uses a Competence Model for the important positions in their organisation.


  • They use such competence models to hire, promote people.Also that is how their star leaders are born!!

Emotional Quotient Vs Intelligence Quotient

According to the review done by Daniel Goleman, a baffling number of organisations have their outstanding performers with distinguishing competencies. They are not based purely on IQ or cognitive abilities. In fact all for all kinds of jobs at these organisations, at all levels, EI was twice as important as cognitive ability. The higher you go the more it matters.

 Looking at the top leadership positions, C-suite positions we can notice that 80 to 90%, sometimes 100%, of the competencies that organizations independently have determined, are the ones that set their star leaders apart are based on emotional intelligence.

What exactly does it all mean?

Inculcating such competencies could help you become a better leader. One who is more adaptable, more focused on achievement, has better conflict management and is generally more successful.

There are four parts to Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence model: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. 

Data courtesy- Review by Daniel Goleman (November, 2016)

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