From October 14th to 16th, 2023, Modern School’s Sarnath Hall hosted the “Expression” Art Exhibition, showcasing the creative prowess of 101 students from Nursery to 12th grade. This platform, organised by the Modern Art Club, aimed to nurture artistic talent, promote personal growth, and foster cultural appreciation.

Featuring a diverse array of artworks, including landscape, abstract, figurative, and more, the exhibition celebrated the richness of human expression. Students explored various themes and mediums, from painting inspired by S.H. Raza to ceramic on canvas and clay work.

Participation in the exhibition provided students with opportunities to develop their creative thinking abilities, express themselves visually, and gain confidence in showcasing their work. Visitors were enthralled by the depth and beauty of the artworks, engaging in dialogue with the young artists and appreciating the transformative power of art.

Overall, the “Expression” Art Exhibition was not just a showcase of talent; it was a testament to the ability of art to inspire, provoke thought, and foster connections within the school community and beyond.

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