On October 14th, 2023, Modern School buzzed with excitement as we hosted Comic Con, a vibrant celebration aimed at spreading the culture of comic books. From Nursery to Grade 5, participants took the opportunity to transform into their favourite characters from a diverse array of mediums, spanning films, comics, TV shows, anime, and more.

The halls came alive with the presence of iconic figures such as Spider-Man, Batman, and Wonder Woman, alongside beloved characters like Doraemon, Harry Potter, and Goku. Each costume was a testament to the dedication and passion of the students, who meticulously crafted their attire to embody the essence of their chosen character.

As parents looked on with delight, they witnessed their children not only embodying their characters visually but also showcasing impressive communication skills. Students confidently delivered famous lines with precision, mastering voice modulation, tone, and pronunciation to truly inhabit their roles.

One particularly heartwarming moment captured the essence of the event, as a Grade 4 student captivated the audience with her flawless delivery of dialogue in English. Overwhelmed with pride, her parents couldn’t contain their applause, expressing gratitude for their child’s newfound confidence and skills.

Comic Con not only provided a platform for self-expression and creativity but also nurtured essential skills such as presentation, communication, and research. Through cosplay, students explored their imagination while honing valuable talents that will serve them well in the future.

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