Orators of Life

On July 27th, 2023, Modern School proudly hosted the second edition of the Inter-School English Debate Competition – Orators for Life 2023, a platform that showcased the eloquence and intellectual prowess of young minds. Fourteen prestigious institutions from Lucknow, including Hoerner College, Seth M.R. Jaipuria, and City Montessori School, participated in the event, adding to its dynamic and competitive atmosphere.

The competition featured three categories, each addressing pertinent issues:

– Category 6 to 8: “Social Media has made us less social.”

– Category 9 & 10: “Artificial Intelligence is a boon to our productivity.”

– Category 11 & 12: “A Uniform Civil Code aims to enforce a universal legal framework for Indian citizens.”

Distinguished judges, including Ms. Nandini Lahiri, Ms. Chetna Srivastava, Ms. Sameena Sheikh, and Ms. Anima Chakraberty, assessed the participants’ arguments with keen insight and impartiality.

The audience and judges alike were impressed by the students’ analytical skills, and ability to provide fresh insights into complex issues. Orators for Life served as a platform for students to refine their speaking and communication skills, empowering them to express their ideas and take a stand on important matters through informed discussion.

Shivi Singh and Tavisha Gattani from Seth M.R. Jaipuria emerged as the winners, showcasing exceptional debate skills. Kavyanjali Verma and Irfa Siddiqui from Mount Carmel secured the position of Event Runner-up, demonstrating their depth of understanding and persuasive abilities. Special recognition was awarded to Aashita Pandey and Mrinalika Trivedi from Modern School in Category 9 & 10, and Satwik Lahiri in Category 11 & 12, for their outstanding contributions as the best speakers.

Orators for Life 2023 not only celebrated the art of debate but also nurtured the next generation of articulate and informed leaders, paving the way for meaningful change in society.



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