Spencer’s Trip

Children of primary section were taken for a trip to the Spencer’s supermarket.

This trip was organized with the aim to teach children money management and decision making skills, different food groups, difference between healthy and unhealthy foods(junk food and nutritious  food), etc.

Each child had been told to carry a small amount of money and make some purchase from the supermarket.

Though most of the children have accompanied their parents some time or the other on shopping trips but generally their choice is not asked or they are not given a chance to decide on the items to be purchased.

This trip gave the kids an opportunity to make independent choices.

Children also learnt social skills like- how to behave in a public setting and how to make simple transactions.

Children had loads of fun and in the excitement of the trip went over budget as they wanted to buy somethings for their family members as well.

Children also carried out a survey in which they distributed questionnaires amongst the employees of Spencer’s. The questionnaire was conducted to give students a feel of interviews and interpersonal skills.

These surveys were later used for class discussions. children also used the bills of their purchases for learning addition and subtraction problems as well as profit and loss calculations.

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