Little Chefs- Learning nutrition the fun way…

“This is the best fruit chaat i have ever had”, exclaimed a primary student.

“Why does the sandwich mamma makes does’nt taste so good”, another student complained.

These were the remarks made by students attending the food party.

The international section of The Modern school organised a food party today for the primary children. The party was conducted to educate kids about the various food groups and difference between healthy and non healthy diets.

Sandwiches, fruit chaat and sprout chaat were prepared by the students under the supervision of their teachers.

An easy way to make bread a more healthier eating option would be to load it with lots of green and leafy vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots…… and there is your healthy sandwich.

What better breakfast than to have some spicy sprouts chaat instead of the boring regular sprouts. And the best way to put fruits on every child’s plate is to make the fruits interesting by adding a dash of lemon and chaat masala.

The Modern school teachers took it upon their shoulders to make eating of fruits and vegetables a fun filled experience for the children.

Kids also prepared lemonade which they distributed amongst the teachers, as well, along with fruit chaat and sandwiches.

All in all the teachers were successful in communicating the importance of nutritious food items to children as well ways of making different foods nutritious and healthy for consumption.

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