Lifelong success, not just exam success

In modern times knowledge gets obsolete every day. So instead of making children consume knowledge, we have to also make them capable of learning how to gather and learn new knowledge on their own. Child centered education aims at enabling a child learn ‘how to learn’.

To face the future shock of a fast changing world, our schools must seek to create persons who are actively inquiring, flexible, creative, innovative, tolerant and humble, who can face uncertainty and ambiguity and can create new meanings to handle new realities. Peace among humans can be created only by promoting empathy.

With our present day practice of honoring only the children who get the best marks, we as a society make a collective statement that we value exam marks over virtue, integrity, ability to relate to people, communicate effectively and creativity. Though school and competitive exam marks are important and cannot be ignored, but in the long run when these students get to the workplace, manage teams, lead companies, it is these skills and values that will determine their fate with far more accuracy than examination marks.

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