New age classrooms

Keeping the norms of the  IB system in mind The Modern School has invested a lot of effort in updating and renovating the infrastructure of the school.class rooms have been equipped with latest technological equipment like projectors and laptops in order to familiarize students with technology at a very young age and help them gain a comfort level with the same.

Going by the present scenario it can be seen that computers and technology will be the center points of everything.We at The Modern are trying to introduce our children to technology at a very young age so that they can easily adapt themselves to this new environment.

Introduction of technology in the curriculum has also increased the participation and interest levels of the students.Making Power Point Presentations, watching videos and listening to audios related to the concept being taught has caught the attention of the students increasing their curiosity and retention of the concept.

Rather than simply reading out of the book and making notes,studying by audio visual aids facilitates a better understanding of the subject and makes it easier for students to relate topics to real life activities which is a very important aspect of education.

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