A day in the life of an IB PYP Modernite

The Modern School tries to ensure the overall development of its students and aims at creating knowledgeable, inquisitive, enthusiastic and balanced learners rather than exam success for a few idividuals.

Ever since the inception of the IB system more emphasis is being paid on activity based teaching to ensure better understanding and increase retentivity by students.

These pictures speak for themselves. A glimpse of how our students spend the day at The Modern School…………….

Getting ready for assembly

Getting ready for assembly

yoga lessons

yoga lessons

Interactive Lessons : discussing importance of family.

Storytelling activity

our little artist on the digital board

Lets Learn..........

lessons made fun with educational games

Yummy hindi class, J (hindi) se Jalebi and Jamun

R forrrrr....... Rose. Now I will not forget.

Kids beat the heat

Fun in the Activity Room: A Fruity Lesson!!!

going the vegetable way


I know who Lord Ram is...........

Jai Hanuman

I know the Ramayan

I know why we celebrate Dusshera and Diwali

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