4 Vidyatree Modernites clear NEET 2017

Akansha Singh

FOUR students Vidyatree Modernites out of a class of 50 cracked the NEET EXAMS in their first attempt. This demonstrates the habit of academic excellence developed among students in the school.

Ques. What is the reason for your success? How has the school helped you to grow?

Siddhant Mehrotra : Main reason for my success is the regularity and punctuality in my studies and to school.VMWC has always helped me by providing a stress free and healthy enviornment which made my science studies more intresting and innovative.Regular physical exercises like jogging and P.T kept me at infinite distance from diseases.

My very special thanks goes to my parents and my Biology subject teacher Ms.Sunita Pant who have constantly motivated me to my best hopes and as a result I kept  positive attitude towards my carrier whatever the situation may be .I want to also thank Ms.Rakhi Saxena ,my Chemistry subject teacher whose lectures and notes helped me alot in quick revision of organic and inorganic part which would otherwise  have been very hectic and boring.Notes given by sunita ma’am were also outstanding ,which included some matter from NCERT books also, which greatly helped me in NEET.
I use to study in a planned way around 3-4 hours a day .For entertainment I use to watch funny videos on youtube on my laptop and I  prefer to watch cartoon series  and comedy programs which are far better than movies and TV serials.

Akansha Singh : I owe my success to my mother, my supportive teacher Sunita Pant ma’am without her it was impossible to be here, my friends, my principal and the whole VMWC team.

Neet was not at all an easy job, but when you work in  a planned way things become better. After boards I got 1 month  for preparation  so  I  focused on zoology and Botany read all the  chapter again and again so 90 questions were prepared like this then I focused on few important  chapters of physics and chemistry.

It has been always glorious to be the part of this school. The teaching of “Education for life” always helped me in each and every step whether it be portfolio making, cv building, interacting with different colleges through workshops and career sessions conducted  by Founder Sir.

Tanushree Palit : Firstly I would like to thanks my founder sir and all teachers who support me every time.In my success,they help a lot and their guidance was truely helpful.

Megha Jain : Qualifying NEET exam is not easy you need to work hard and be punctual in studies.The reason for my success is hard work and regular self study for 3 to 4 hours.

The school has helped me to grow as it provided me stress free environment and well trained teachers.The school taught me to learn without cramming.

Ques. Tips / messages to your juniors?

Siddhant Mehrotra : I would like to suggest rather advice my juniors that its better to pursue your dream carrier and start short listing various universities and their cuttoff. Comprehending the basic concept is more inportant than to solve large number of questions.My special advive to all medical aspirants is that study Biology very carefully and go through each and every line of NCERT.


Akansha Singh : Message to  my juniors decide now only your field of interest and college you want to join  check all the eligibility criteria, cut off and work smartly for that. All the very best!!!

Tanushree Palit : I want to tell my juniors that keep working hard and acheive your goal in your life.Listen and follow theirs teacher,parents and elders which help them to acheive their success.

Megha JainJust one message to juniors be focussed and determined to your goal.

Megha Jain

Ques. How have the meditation and mindfulness sessions at school, conducted by Kapoor Sir, founder of the school, helped you in your success?

Siddhant Mehrotra : I use to be very excited for our meditation and carrier counselling sessions innitiated by our founder ,Kapoor sir which aided me by being stress free and calm which enhanced not only my understanding power but also my learning capacity.He always use to focus on learning without cramming which had resulted in generation of a cram free learning process and blessed us with quality education.Our principal Meena ma’am had always kept care that we could get best facilities in our school.

Akansha Singh : Meditation is the only medicine when you lack ‘focus’ and ‘will’, school always encourages students towards yoga with the help of yoga sessions.

Tanushree Palit : Our founder Mr. Kapoor sir guided us with daily meditation and yoga classes which is gratly benefitted to me.His discipline is required for making  our future brighter.Once again I would like to thanks Mr.Kapoor sir, our principal Ms.Meena ma’am and institutions for my success.

Megha Jain : The mindfulness sessions conducted by Kapoor sir helped me to focus on one thing at a time because of which I could recognize my weak points and mistakes.This helped me alot in studies.The sessions made me stress free and calm which made my understanding power better.

Ques. What are your plans now? (career related)

Siddhant Jain : My dream is to join  King George Medical College,and for that I need to work more hard and score more better marks .It is my dream to be a doctor and serve needy people to eliminate glomminess of pain from society.

Akansha Singh : I am now aiming to join “Armed Force Medical College” and serve as an army doctor to our Indian army.

Tanushree Palit : I want to become a doctor  which is my career goal.

Megha JainMy dream is to become to successful doctor and help needy people for which I need to get admission into a good medical college.So,I am doing preparations again for the exam for which I have joined coaching.Now my focus is on doing much more hard work so that I can score good and get admission into a good medical college.

Tanushree Palit
Siddhant Mehrotra

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