Congratulations to Nimish Bajpai and 5 others for IIT-JEE successes

The school congratulates 6 students for IIT-JEE success.

“Even though this was my first attempt, I was awarded with success because of clarity of basic concepts at school.”, says Isha Verma. Children effortlessly build up capabilities and potential during the years in the school right from the primary classes. A school exists to build up success of not a few, but all children. Nimish Bajpai, Anurita Agarwal, Isha Verma, Kripa Agarwal, Lakshay and Rajesh Agarwal do the school proud.


  • Abhinav Shashank

    Congrats to all first of all,

    It would be nice if I can have some more info on them.

    Where are they going what ranks they got and a bit of more info.


    Hi All,

    Its really a great feeling to come across my school’s website. I joined Modern School in 2nd standard(when it was located in Mahanagar)and passed out ISC in 1998. I had a wonderful time in those 10 years and it was the main learning phase of my life. A non metro city like Lucknow groomed me in such a way that I am among the top trance Djs of India, now. I am the only trance DJ/artist from bangalore signed up with Psy Tribe Production(Uk’s best trance record label. By the end of the year I will get worldwide released my first solo trance album on Uk’s best trance music record label. By the end of the year Ill be moving to Turkey to settle there. All may check my learning stage of music production with my profile at:

    This style of music maybe unheard in Lucknow because its totally futuristic 100% electronic music. I m really grateful to Modern School in grooming me for reaching this label. All related to Modern School are most welcome to connect with me on facebook at:

    I thank Kapoor sir and Meena man for grooming me. Also, I am grateful to my Hukku Maam(english teacher) to teach me perfect English.

    Although I charge 10 K for playing 2 hours and 15 K to play LIVE, its my dream to play LIVE for free for 10-12 non stop at the Modern School’ field. I wish all the luck to Modern School. The way Modern School is providing Quality Education, I am sure Modern School, Lucknow will be recognized globally as one of the worlds best school. I dont think I’ll ever forget my time spent at Modern School in my entire life. Apart from DJing and Music production I also work as a techie with HP for HP Notebook R n D. After i got into music industry, I could not continue further studies after my MCA. Here is a piece of advice to all ex and current Modernites:

    “We all have a talent hidden in our sub conscious mind. We just need to explore it”. Thats the key to success in life.

    Best Regards,

    Kausar Naved

    ISC batch 1998

  • Kavish Sinha

    This doesn’t really come as a surprise. Year after year, Modern School had been producing such extraordinary talent…students who always raise the banner high.
    Nimish, I remember as a junior, was always an interested and inquisitive child. His making it to the nation’s best is certainly a result of his hard work. I congratulate all the others as well!

    This is my first visit to our website, and am completely bowled over by the plethora of content and its requirement for the teachers, students as well as the alumni of this wonder school!

    To this, and many more success stories to be published on this website, the school’s notice-board and the map of the world! three cheers!


    This is my first ever visit to this website, and m really glad to see another feather being added in our school’s cap!! It has only been two years out of the hallowed halls of my school’s campus..but the feeling of nostalgia grips the inside of me now and then, sometimes acting as a bubble of courage,confidence and strength..sort of a talisman pushing me forwards to challenge the limits, sometimes making me feel numb.
    I wish my school and its students luck in whatever goals and endeavours they pursue..and I wish that this website be studded with many more success stories in coming future.


  • vishal

    modern school rocks…!!

  • I m proud to be A MODERNITE. ….It feels great to be part of Such a amazing school.

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