Yoga and Stretching Exercise Sessions

Yoga and Stretching Exercise Sessions at Modern School

As we all know that our kids are not coming to a physical school from the past three months but that has not stopped us from giving them a complete development. We at Modern School  quickly adapted to the new environment and took the school in a virtual setting and started taking our classes online.

Feeling the need to keep ourselves fit and active, we started online yoga and stretching exercises with our students.  

Our sports teacher, a fitness enthusiast, ensures that each child participates in the exercise sessions and does them with the correct posture and momentum.

The parents and children thoroughly enjoy these 25 minutes sessions and look forward to attending them each week.

The children have been provided with a time-table in which these exercise sessions are incorporated.

Benefits of Yoga and other exercises

  • It keeps the body flexible and refreshes the mind
  • Creates a habit of keeping them active and fit for a lifetime
  • Increases the levels of concentration
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