Winners in the ‘Wild life Week’ 2010.

Our children participated in the programe”WILDLIFE WEEK OCT 2010″ and secured 11 prizes in various events which was organised in Regional Science City, Lucknow, in collaberation with South Asian network of the International Zoo Association Educators,Hosteded by the Dept. of Zoology, Lucknow University.

Children were very enthusiastic and confident while participating for the past 6 days. All the events were based on Science(wildlife conservation).

The Modern school students gave fantastic performances and were placed only second to another school. A total of 11 awards were won by the Modernites.

FIRST   positions –    (Eng.Slogan writing, Greeting card making, Mehndi)

1st prize winners-      Archil Kumar 9A      (Eng.Slogan writing)

Bhavya  11C         (Greeting card making)

Diksha    11B         (Mehndi)

SECOND positions  –  (Eng. Debate, Essay Writing, Mehndi)

2nd prize winners –    Manas Sinha 9A    (Eng. Debate)

Varan singh  12 B   (Eng.Essay Writing)

Ankita Chawla 11C  (Mehndi)

THIRD     positions  – (Hindi debate, Rangoli, Essay Writing,Greeting card) and one appreciation prize.

3rd prize winners  -Prakhar Rastogi  12b (Eng.Essay Writing )

Mansi   11C        (Hindi debate)

Rupsha  11C       (Rangoli)

Suruchi Prabhakar 11C (Greeting card)

Consolation prize – Priya Pandey 11C     (Rangoli)

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