The Novel Education Model

The Novel Education Model

Online, low-cost, high-quality, and real-time interactive virtual school - the future of Education

New high-quality technology enables us to conduct a high quality online and interactive virtual school. Additionally, there is great transparency about the quality of a teacher’s work –  Due to which the teachers and parents need to be developed in emotional intelligence.

  • Coronavirus, 
  • increasing unsafe and costly transportation, 
  • pollution in the cities, and 
  • difficulties in getting a quality school, 

a large number of parents are preferring online home education, at least till the child turns adolescent. 

On-line home education is of three types. 

  1. Videos available only for self-study, as per choice. This choice was always available for children for classes 6th and above. But there has been a problem with a child’s self-discipline and time management.
  2. The second type of online learning going on these days by most schools are videos created by the teachers and minimally supervised. There is a syllabus supervised by a teacher available for periodical feedback on the internet or on the school campus. It is a teacher-centered traditional learning system, with LOTS (Lower Order Thinking Skills) learning objectives.
  3. Online interactive classes and assessments, high quality, low cost, individual attention and emotionally intelligent teachers.

How is it bi-furcated?

The Union Ministry has a proposed framework for the 220 academic days in one complete session in which 100 days or 600 hours will be in school, another 100 days or 600 hours will be at home. But we doubt if most parents would trust the school and send their children regularly.


The HRD ministry has proposed staggered attendance for the children with no more than 30%- 50% of students attending school at a time with double or rotational shifts.

Grades 9 to 12- 4 to 5 times in a week

Grades 6 to 8 – 2 to 4 times in a week

Grade 1 to 5 – only twice a week

The typical 45 minute period to be shortened to a 30 minute period.  The flexibility in attendance and sick leaves to be ensured by the school which will allow the students to study from home with consent from their parents by following the proper learning protocols. We doubt if the attendance will be regular.

What is the future of our children?

As it is rightly said that ‘Change is inevitable’, therefore we must quickly adapt ourselves to this change and assure our children that this is the best we can do to keep ourselves safe while not losing our hope. Optimism is the key in these times and that’s what we have to teach our children so that they can be a stable mental-frame and focus on their learning. Although we should not refrain from hiding the facts from them, in fact, we must make them aware of the circumstances.

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