It is said that talent is inborn in a human being, but sometimes talent is there in a child but in a very dormant state and thus the child or its parents are unable to recognize it. However that’s when a school’s role comes into play. A school should be able to nurture and acculture the child rather than suppressing the child.

There is one such incident in my class which I would like to mention. A boy named Vihaan Jethwani (Grade 3) is an intelligent boy but sometimes he is naughty. He has a lot of curiosity bubbling in his small mind, to channelize that energy so he was told to bring his Rubik’s cube to school which he kept mentioning about.

How does it help?

Rubik’s cube is one such puzzle that helps in improving memory, improves patience, keeps the mind active, it’s a big problem solver and also helps in the agility and dexterity of the fingers.

Motivation in the right direction

We kept motivating him in the class and he became interested in it day by day and started to master it. Other students also got inspired by him and started bringing in the Rubik’s cube. Then one day I asked them to time it, and to my surprise Vihaan could make one side of it in not more than 15 seconds. I was surprised at the finesse with which he did it. Later on he was able to make all six faces of the cube.

His mother also encouraged him and shared a video of him making all the six faces. Nowadays he spends some of his time in productively playing with the Rubik’s cube

We feel that if a child gets the right guidance and motivation from the people around him then he can do wonders!!!!!!!

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