Spell Bee Final Round for PYP

Learning spelling is important to the child’s future as it helps lay the basic foundation that the child will need through his education and life. They should be relaxed about spelling, if not it’ll inhibit their writing. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Keeping this in mind, a spell bee competition was organised in the VIDYATREE MODERN WORLD COLLEGE (PYP from grade 1 to v), in three rounds . In the round I, the students were given the words to learn, after which dictation was taken in the class. The selected students went through elimination round (round II) where the words were chosen by the teachers according to the grade and the students were asked to fill up the blanks and solve the scrambled alphabets to make a meaningful word. And since spell bee is a comprehensive learning where pronunciation is equally important so in round III, the finalists were required to spell the word in a time slot of 2 minutes and the one who spoke maximum number of correct spellings won the competition. The students participated enthusiastically while it also stimulated their interest towards enhancing their vocabulary in a competitive spirit.

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