We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis which has affected or potentially affects all nations and communities. With the Central and the State Governments announcing lockdowns, the students, teachers, and other support staff are compelled to remain at home. However, staying at home did not have to necessarily result in a hiatus in the learning of our students and resultantly, we have developed our online off-campus learning facilities.

Quickly adapting to the changed circumstances, we created 

  • Virtual classrooms-accessible by students by simply using their computing devices at home. Our virtual classrooms mirror, as closely as possible, our physical classrooms. Teachers and students log on using their respective user names and passwords onto a video conferencing application at the designated school timings. and classes are then taken as usual. 
  • Syllabus – The class-wise syllabus is being covered as otherwise scheduled for campus school days.
  • Home assignments- given to the students through our Lernio app  which the students submit online and the teachers give their feedback.
  • Online assessments- Every week/fortnight the teachers prepare online assessments for the students which they have to attempt and submit it online. It helps in keeping a track of their progress.
  • Parent Induction and Training Programs– To keep the parents sharing of school responsibilities for student diligence and home learning routine. We also train the parents to discuss curriculum topics like the Inquiry method, HOTS development in children, and many more.
  • Online Admissions- We are even conducting online interviews for parents seeking admissions in the school, this enables the city’s children to have uninterrupted learning. 

We at Modern School believe that this type of online learning is much like campus classrooms except that they are taken through a virtual medium. We feel that our adaptation in the face of adversity, shows our students how to overcome real-life challenges; how to rise up to the occasion and with sheer grit and determination, overcome any hardships. We feel that in these testing times, Modern School is leading by example in encouraging its students to find the silver lining by empowering them to think about solutions to compulsory lock-down rather than getting embroiled in the problem.

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