Earth Day


‘We do not inherit Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children’- A Native American proverb.

The Earth is the reason we all have an existence and she is the one that has sustained us all these years. We owe a lot to our Mother Earth and it is our moral responsibility to be organically connected to it and take care of her. Earth Day is an annual event created to celebrate the planet’s environment and raise public awareness about pollution. The day, marked on April 22, is observed as ‘Earth Day’ worldwide

The ‘Earth Day’ drive at Modern School

The teachers and students of Modern School kept this feeling in mind and even in the wake of these gloomy times we haven’t lost hope. We are trying to be as optimistic as we can. On the occasion of Earth Day, the teachers discussed online with their students about the importance and purpose of celebrating Earth Day. We think that since our Earth is being exploited so much at the hands of human beings that it is very important to educate the youth of our country the importance of it all.

Earth Day activities by our students

The students of all the grades right from the nursery to grade 12 did their bit showing creativity in their own style. Some of them created bird-feeders while others planted seeds to express their love and affection for their environment.

Many students  were asked to create something from waste materials like old newspapers etc., to make them understand the concept of reuse and recycle and to create a safe and plastic free environment.

The students of higher classes were asked to create awareness by drawing posters about the ways in which they can participate in ‘Saving our Earth’ from pollution and destruction. Students made awareness posters in our mother tongue ‘Hindi’ and expressed their love for their mother Earth.  

A student showed his creativity by  composing a poem to express his love and concern for Mother Earth. They also made beautiful drawings that conveyed meaningful messages to save our Earth.

The teachers of all the grades had meaningful discussions with their children in their own way. The most interesting aspect of this whole drive was that the children and their parents were so enthusiastic and participated with full energy.

We got an overwhelming response in terms of pictures and videos from all the children and the purpose of creating awareness among the youth was fully achieved and fruitful.

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