Janamashtmi Celebration

The whole country will be celebrating the auspicious occasion of the incarnation of Lord Krishna on September 3, 2018. VMWC family celebrated the day on August 31, 2018 through a short and thought provoking programs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Little feet from pre- primary performed on song ‘Vrindavan ka krishna kanhaiya’. Children from primary and middle school also performed on the same.

The Bhagavad Gita, which was spoken by Sri Krishna to the warrior prince Arjuna, is the original and superlative guide to meditation. A few points:

* The Bhagavad Gita helps us understand that our existence is beyond the temporal body and mind.

* At Arjun’s inquiry, Krishna goes on to describe the qualities of those who live the spiritual life, so that we may ourselves understand what to strive for.

Krishna is symbolic of an Educated Person who guides in not to let our past thoughts and experiences affect us.

* Meditation helps us to regulate our senses and mind to attain inner peace.

A short play presenting the karma yog and qualities of a sthit pragya human being was done by the middle section of the school. The act showed a scene from the battlefield of kurukshetra where Arjun had a talk about the qualities of a mindful person under guidance of Lord Krishna.

The celebration was accompanied with colorful rangoli competition also.

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