Grade 1 got the opportunity to interact with a Guest Speaker

Unit of inquiry– Where we are in place and time
Central idea- Homes reflect cultural influences and local conditions.


South Indian culture is one of the most beautiful cultures of India. It has colours, construction, structures which is very evident from the houses in South India. To make our children aware of it, a  lecture by our Guest Speaker Mrs. Sowmya Kulkarni on our ’LOI-2- Homes reflect family values and local cultures’ was organised. The lecture consisted of types of houses that are found in South India, utensils rather traditional banana leaves used as plates, things used in their temples, their traditional game ali guli mane’  etc.  It was an interesting session as there was little conversation in Kannada also. An icing on the cake was delicious idlis and chutney by the lecturer to make them aware of typical South Indian culture.

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