Independence Day Celebrations

Filled with a spirit of patriotism and nationalism, the school celebrated the 65th Independence Day on August 15, 2012.

The Principal, Ms Meena Kane and the Deputy Director and PYP Coordinator, Mr Siddhartha Kapoor hoisted the national flag. The moment the tricolour was unfurled, the students passionately sung the national anthem—‘Jana gana mana’—in a beautiful chorus.

Ms Meena Kane addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of the day.

Thereafter, the students performed on various patriotic songs that stressed upon the unity of the nation. The Independence Day celebrations in the school showcased India’s cultural diversity and its rich heritage. The School band also came up with a scintillating performance.

The school underlined the true meaning of the word “INDIAN” through the various religions—“HINDU(I)SM”, “JAI(N)ISM”, “BUD(D)HISM, “SIKH(I)SM”, “ISL(A)M” and “CHRISTA(N)ITY”.

The students paid tribute to the supreme sacrifice made by the freedom fighters and also remembered the good things that freedom brought.

The teachers distributed chocolates among the students. Some sports including a game of ‘Tug-of-war’ were also part of the programme.

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