IB PYP Workshop for Teachers

School organized two days IB PYP Workshop for teachers on 3rd and 4th February to enable the teachers with world class teaching methods that creates real understanding among the children. Teachers went through different phases of training which gave then an insight about the teaching pedagogy of IB Curriculum. Teachers have shared their reflections for these workshops.

The IB Workshop was conducted by Mrs. Vimi Lima Santos in our school campus on 3 and 4 February which was very productive and a journey full of learning experiences.

She taught us various aspects of IB by involving us in different activities. She covered all the five essential elements through various thought provoking ideas which gave us a clear picture of how to use it in our classrooms. She explained how can we take our students from known to unknown through constructivist style of teaching and explained how inquiry is begun.

I like the way she explained everything but I feel that she should have given more time for discussing the way to make planners. All over it was a wonderful and great learning experience.

Pooja Khosla

PYP Prep

I would like to share my reflection about the workshop:

  1. Knowledge about the pattern which is followed in the PYP. The difference between the traditional school and IB school.
  2. The way all the attitudes, attributes, skills are indulged in the subjects.
  3. Integration of different subjects in the inquiry cycle.
  4. Students should be the part of the planning process. Good conceptual understanding in the student is very much important.
  5. Connect-Extend-Challenge activity to understand the inquiry process in details, as to know the student learning should be action knowledge oriented.
  6. Student making real life connection with the learning.
  7. Planner

Jyoti Gupta


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