Exam Tip 3: History and Political Science

Tips to score good marks in ICSE and ISC (History and Political Science)

  1. Read the question paper carefully. Go through all the instructions and utilize your 15 minutes reading time properly.
  2. Try to attempt the questions which are best known to you out of all.
  3. Avoid attempting extra questions, instead devote your time into those questions which are known to you.
  4. Focus on key words and key points and try to underline them.
  5. Use tabular form while writing and divide entire concepts into short paragraphs. Add mind maps and examples if possible.
  6. Try to attempt all the questions and solve 100% question paper.
  7. Number your answer scripts and use proper numbering for each and every questions and tie your copy properly at 10 minutes before submission.
  8. Prepare handwritten notes for every topic and chapter based on timeline.
  9. Practice sample questions and solve 10 years with time boundation and analyse yourself every time.
  10. Day before examination throw away the exam fear and just relax. Go through all the key points and revise the notes prepared by you. Have light dinner and a good sleep.

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