Being balanced between an Entrepreneur and a student is what I have learnt at Vidyatree

"Life is too short to be working for someone else's dreams..."

I believed in this statement since a very young age. I always wanted to do something different. Right encouragement at right age helped me achieve this. I feel proud to introduce myself as an Entrepreneur and at the same time a proud student of Vidyatree Modern World College. I study in Grade XI Science. Its a great opportunity for me to share my story of risk, belief and achievement on this platform. I am grateful to my school for identifying my hidden potential and talent.

People are surprised to know that I am managing my academics and professional engagements so well. But according to me, the credit for this goes to my school and teachers who not only encouraged me but for academic excellence but also encouraged every student to hone up their skills so that they become successful in life.

I started my venture four years back under the name Animal Jewel and by the support of our Founder Sir and Director Sir I am earning a decent return from my venture. At this age I am able to save and invest further whereas students of my age are still dependent on their pocket money.

I am really thankful to this school for making my dreams come true into reality and giving me wonderful opportunity to carry them forward.

A student of Grade XI Science and an Entrepreneur

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