Annual Cognito 2021

Annual Cognito was organized on 29th of July 2021 for grades VI to XII and on 5th of August for the IB PYP grades. Students demonstrated their excellence through inquiry, presentation and thinking skills via various projects, experiments and real life inquiries in the First Online Annual Cognito under the theme ‘Sustainable Development’. The inquiry process started in June under the guidance of class teachers and subject teachers. It was a journey of young minds inquiring into various sustainable development topics. To maintain the balance between regular online studies and Cognito practice, teachers took extra classes, students held separate zoom meetings with their groups and collaborated whenever possible to compile their findings. The success of the event was the result of the endless efforts by the school management, students and teachers. The support of the parents was commendable, as they provided the students with all the support and requirements they needed. School ensured 100% participation of the students, resulting in more than 150 projects from around 800 students. There were around 65 guests and judges to encourage the students.

There was a flow of innovation and creativity right from grades Nursery to XII. The special guests and judges were all praises for the efforts of the young Scientists, Mathematicians and Archeologists.

Parents appreciations on the event

‘Each child is well inquired about the topic and has clarity of concepts. It’s a pleasure to be a judge and watch their presentations.‘ quoted Mr. Aditya Awasthi, a parent judge in grade 5.


It was pleasing to be a part of the Cognito presentation by groups of class 3 students. I am extremely delighted to witness the understanding of concepts related to air, its components, pollution and solutions for the same. The students were able to convey the very important message of reduce, reuse, recycle, save water, plant trees and maximize the use of sustainable green sources of energy. The understanding of interconnected environmental and ecological concepts at primary level schooling is very important and school gets the full credit. I wish to congratulate the school and wish a bright future to little champs.

Said by-Dr. Prem Prakash Yadav, Principal Scientist, Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow During the Cognito held on 5th of August


It’s commendable the way you all worked in a remote environment. It’s not easy to work in groups while sitting at different places. We are happy to see that all the children were well informed about their topic. Everyone participated in the presentation. I liked the working experiments. Qudos to teachers for putting their efforts to make it happen. Thanks a lot to Modern School for making us part of the family. Last month we joined the school. It feels as if we know you all for a long time. Said by-Mrs Juhi and Abhinav Grover During the Cognito held on 5th of August



I am awestruck to see the exemplary confidence and the conceptual clarity with which the young learners presented at this tender age.These two hours made me reminisce of my young days when I just knew the alphabet probably, when these cutie pies were talking about ” Sustainable Development”. Kudos to the young, energetic learners and hats off to all their mentors and parents who have put in hours of hard work. I even said during the period, that from today onwards I will explore a ‘ Different me’, as the teachings of these young lads have left a long-lasting effect on my mind and heart and will never ever be able to forget their teachings!!

God bless the young learners!!! Said by- Mrs Tanu Agarwal

During the Cognito held on 5th of August


It was a very nice experience to be a part of your science Cognito conducted yesterday. The passion and confidence level of the students while demonstrating was highly commendable. It was heartening to see the success of the event despite the pandemic times and the event being conducted online. I could also see the in-depth understanding of students on such important topics. I congratulate the teachers for putting in such hard work and making it happen.

Thanks for having me there, it was a wonderful experience.

Said by- Mr. Prabhakar Singh

During the Cognito held on 5th of August

Results of the event: grades VI to XII

Winners of Grade 6

First position
Winner- it’s a tie between
Project name: DNA Timeline
Devraj Roy Chowdhury
Project name- Maglev Train 
Group –
  •     Sai Kamal Dash
  •     Sahil Anand
  •     Vaibhav Shukla
  •     Arnav Pandey
  •     Ayaan Khan


Second position- 
Project name:Drip irrigation
  • Pranjal Chawla
Third position-
Project name -step energy
  • Subrata Singh
  • Kamakshi Dixit

Winners of Grade 7

First position
Project name- Solar Oven
  • Avika Johar
  • Garvita Bountra
  • Shreya Gupta
  • Ojjasvi Jaiswal
 Second Position
Project name: Electrolysis & Electroplating
  • Naman Verma
  • Vedant Tandon
  • Mrityunjaya Verma & Amogh Chowdhary
 Third Position Joint Winners
Planets and Astronomy & Underwater Volcano
  • Ahmed Zyan Imam
  • Nysa Chandran
  • Devanshi Srivastava
  • Aashita Pandey.
  • Vaishnav Gambhir

Winners of Grade 8

First Position
Project name Drip Irrigation
  • Mrinalika Trivedi
  • Ojasvi Tripathi
  • Khushi Kapoor
 Second Position
Project name: Laser Security
  •  Dipali Uppal
  • Shreyashi Singh
  • Rakshita Singh
  • Pihu Shukla


Third position

Project name: Voice Assistant

  • Syed Rayyan

Winners of Grade 9 & 10

First position
Project name: Limitless green energy
  • Shruti shandilya,
  • Gauree vikram,
  • Gauri srivastav,
  • Shreya Ghosal,
  • Arayana srivastav,
  • Ishita singh
Second Position
Project name: Mughal architecture
  • Mughal Architecture
  • Anshika Hayaran
  • Sanya verma
  • Ananya singh
  • Shaifali sarin
  • Kavya sarin

Grades 11 and 12

First position 
Project name: Geosynchronous orbits
  • Devansh Tangri
  • Ekansh Sharma

Second position

Project name: Fusion Power

  • Aradhy Srivastava
  • Harshit Shukla


Third position

Project name: Exponential Growth
  • Tayyab Badrudduja,
  • Animesh Jain,
  • Yoshita Verma
  • Divya Shah
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