Annual Sports Day of Nursery to Grade I

Sports is the best way to keep yourself  fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

It was an awesome Saturday of February 10, 2018 when IB PYP students of nursery to grade 1 had their annual sports day in the school premises. It was a splendid view for the parents to see their children with full of excitement. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the mass PT drill.
Tiny tots of nursery ran on tracks for the races like let’s go honey and building blocks.  Their tiny feet with speed of high spirits made them complete the race without a thought of winning or loosing. Their game spirit was commendable. Races like Pick a flag and Swachch bharat by Kg students exhibited the high team spirits. Each team gave their full dedication to win the race. Swachch bharat race gave us a message to keep our surroundings clean.  Tunnel race showed how our children leave behind all the huddles in life and give their 100%.

Races by the  Prep students , Catch the wafer, Solve the sum, Huddle race and ball balancing showed their strong determinations of winning the race. Students gave a glimpse of their learning in solve the sum race where they had a equation on addition kept on their tracks of which they had to write the correct answer and reach the end point.  Their skills of quick calculation while having a thought of reaching at first place was very appreciative. Catch the wafer and Ball balancing race made parents roll out of their seats in laughter as it was fun to see children trying to catch up the wafer and balancing the ball with their partner’s back.

Grade 1 races like zig zag, relay, hoopla hoop and potato gave an exciting finish to the event. Children running with their baskets to pick potatoes was real fun.

The event ended with our Principal, Mr. Prasanjit Chakravarty, along with the grandparents, congratulating the winners and felicitating them with medals and certificates  followed  by the national anthem. The whole event, full of high spirit and enthusiasm left behind the wonderful memories in our minds.

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