7 Ways School Leaders can Reconnect with Parents during COVID

For school leaders working in these demanding and chaotic circumstances, the pressure is relentless, the options are limited. In a time of crisis, leaders must act swiftly and with foresight but also with careful consideration of options, consequences and side effects of actions taken.

1. Quick & Effective communication with parents (Online/App). Do not use WhatsApp

  • Communicate frequently with the help of online classes and Lernio. This will create a healthy relation among the parents and the school. Doing this right will help you retain families so you can emerge stronger. Strengthening trust by welcoming transparent and frequent dialogue.
  • Schools need a tool beyond chat. On WhatsApp, multiple groups create a lot of confusion. Privacy is not there as numbers are seen by everyone.

2. Managing Online classes

  • Assign an App for online classes like Zoom, Google classroom etc.
  • Assign them individual or collaborative work.
  • Assess learners’ understanding, make changes in the teaching strategy to improve overall learning.
  • Provide individual learners with feedback on their work for further development.

3. PTM’s: Build Relationships, Educate the parents

  • Encourages a close relation among teachers, parents and students.
  • Share cognitive and affective development based on classroom observation.
  • Learn from parents and guardians.
  • Discuss issues that may be interfering with students’ learning and growth.

4. Showcase the positives/ achievements/ activities

  • Words of inspiration are just one of the many ways to motivate students.
  • Sending a note, email, or text to a student’s parent or guardian will give the student a sense of pride that their teacher has taken the time to share something they have done well in class.
  • Displaying students work in the class is an excellent way to celebrate their efforts.
  • Create a one or two-minute video highlighting pictures of projects and classroom happenings.
  • Feature interviews with students.

5. Curriculum and its progress showcased

  • Inculcate the pedagogy of the school.
  • Develop lively and enquiring minds.
  • Developing the pupil’s awareness of the spiritual, moral, social & cultural
    diversity of the world.
  • Examples of work can be found on our school app.

6. Progress Reports and Certificates shared via App.

  • Share Monthly, Half Yearly and Final Progress through App.
  • Encourage students by giving certificates for excellence as well as for

7. Parent Desk

  • Parents can share their queries through school app where their queries are answered.
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