Ad-Mad competition

AD MAD Show is an ‘Advertisement Making Competition’ to showcase creativity in marketing products and services. As the theme of Literary Carnival 2020 was creativity, so we conducted this event to promote and enhance creativity.

This event was organized to make students familiar about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. It comprises of humorous & conceptual ad presentation by the students. Learners from Grade 6 – 10 participated in this event and acted on various advertisement script and ideas from different sectors including FMCG and services. Learners used different forms of expression like a short skit, jingles, slogans and banners to showcase their innovation and creativity.

Performance of all the participants was judged on – advertisement’s content, expressions, fluency, appeal of the advertisement and overall presentation. Aayush Saxena and Devanshi Srivastava were declared the winners respectively from Senior and Junior category. Here is the glimpse of some of the performances:

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