VMWC removed phobia of studies or assessments through its practical approach of teaching.

Choosing the best school for our child was the very tough decision to make. As primary education plays a very vital role in a child’s social and emotional development, we wanted a school which has more futuristic approach rather than traditional ways of teaching. So, after lots of research and feedbacks we came to a conclusion that IB is the best for our child and we were lucky that we got one i.e “Vidyatree Modern World College.”

Vidyatree is more focused on building up concepts of a child rather than mugging up and producing robots. It has got more practical and application-based approach that leads to all-round development. We can see the same development in our son as he loves going to his school and enjoying his studies. He has no phobia of his studies or assessments. For all this to make it happen, the credit goes to their mentors (Manisha ma’am & Aarushi Ma’am). They really work hard with kids and are very caring and loving. We also appreciate the class strength which results in quality of education provided at Vidyatree. Because of this teachers can pay more attention on kids and they know in and out of each child.

We want to sum up by saying that we have got the right place for our son and are very thankful for it. We will suggest every parent to go for Vidyatree Modern World College.


Rashi Rai & Abhishek Rai

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