The full credit of her development goes to her school culture, stress free education and the way of learning

We are delighted to get this opportunity to brief something about the development of our daughter Ayaana Tandon and how she is growing from a  child to a self dependent individual. We would like to emphasize that she is now very connected to her school and friends and passionate about her daily studies. These things value the most for her and she prioritise them over and above everything. This is all due to the school and teachers where she is getting due attention and guidance proactively from the teachers. She is now more confident, expressive and full of reasoning skills. She has now developed the courage to ask questions and has become capable enough to put her point forward with her valid reasons. We are sure that this is because of all the confidence shown by her teachers in her.
We would like to specially mention and thank Anuja Ma’am for her undivided care, never ending efforts and attention for not only Ayaana but all her students. She has created an environment of comfort and support for all the students where they can easily share their concerns and put their point forward without any fear.
We are definitely proud of the development of our child and would not hesitate in giving full credit to her school culture, stress free education and the way of learning.
Thank You.
Diksha and Rachit Tandon
(Parents of Ayaana Tandon)

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