Thank you note from a mother to the Alma Mater By Dr Shivani Rastogi

Thank you note from a mother to the Alma Mater

By Dr. Shivani Rastogi

We, the parents of Shivansh Rastogi got admission of our child in Modern school in the year 2019. As he was not doing well in other schools and was totally disinterested in studies, which  was a big problem. After joining here he is very happy and tries to learn in different ways. The atmosphere here is stress free which is very necessary for studies. Moreover he is also improving in other aspects also. As there are only 25 students, teachers are very caring and give special attention to each and every student who needs help.They always try to help them to do their work. We are very thankful to the school and teachers for giving our child a stress free atmosphere and giving opportunity to think and work. I feel after home this is the second place where my child enjoys his studies in healthy atmosphere.

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