School has truly contributed in the upliftment of our child

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Pur little champ Shaurya Manchanda is a pupil of class- 1 Blue and we are the proud parents who chose the respective Alma Mater the first and only Inernational Baccalaureate (IB) world school of Lucknow “The Vidyatree Modern World College” now “Modern School” for our champ.

The homelike quality, stress free and fear free environment of the school has truly contributed in the upliftment of our child and our dearest Shaurya has become more focused & disciplined as a child.

The emotionally caring nature of respected class teacher has brought in him an inner attachment towards his Alma Mater and he feels mentally and physically safe in the environment. Dearest Shaurya is more inquisitive now and has developed a compassionate force to attain knowledge.

We the parents bow to the school’s Motto ‘Know Thyself’ which is related to the school’s environment si so true and we are so confident that we made the best choice for our child.

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