Moments of joy and pride brought to us by our son Rayyan Rehan

Rayyan Rehan- I Blue

Dear Sir/Mam

Mohammad Rehan father of Rayyan Rehan (Grade 1 Blue).

First of all we Extend our “Greetings” to all, associated with this esteemed Institution.
I would like to quote few of the many moments of Joy & Pride brought to us by our son Rayyan,

1. When he started learning the Language French in school & he would come home and teach the same to us. Being a layman for the language we used to stare at him like a Foreigner with endless laughters.

2. It was a moment of Extreme Joy & Pride for us when he participate in school’s Annual Function.

I’ll sum up by saying ‘Modern School’, just spread the light of your vision in every student’s

Mohammad Rehan

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