Making Studying ‘Not-So-Mundane’

Amidst all the fear and safety precautions from COVID 19, all schools were closed until any further notice. This had created a lot of panic and chaos among the students and their parents. To overcome this problem, Modern School facilitated the online classes for its students. The online classes are answers to the various question marks and amid such pandemic have also proved to be a sigh of relief.

Giving paramount importance to the safety of students and also not compromising on academics and education, Modern School has indeed created history and this step is hailed as a milestone. In a jiffy, the archaic teaching methods have been eradicated and truly education methods have been digitized, making studying ‘not-so-mundane’. Undoubtedly, this move has been a huge success and is very much appreciated by everyone.

A huge thanks to my child’s class teacher and all the subject teachers for displaying their dedication and sincerity and not compromising on the student’s education as well as the safety, despite such a whammy and blight-filled situation.

– Mrs. and Mr. Naushad Khan (Parent of Simrah and Rida Naushad Khan)

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