Lipika Roy Trivedi shares her journey as a mother with VMWC

‘The finest present one can give to a child would be to teach himself and to master himself.’ - Lipika Roy Trivedi, mother of Mrinalika.

Lipika Roy Trivedi mother of Mrinalika Trivedi

Exactly the same I experienced during the last 5 years tenure at VMWC, Lucknow.

I was an anxious and hovering mother. I was fiercely opinionated, judgemental, sometimes self-righteous, constantly reacting to life. But these year of schooling of my daughter Mrinalika at VMWC are life changing year for me. From being a mother, I became a friend and playmate to Mrinalika and her friends and of course a child of the same age.

         I sprung right back into action-a mix of old habits and judgmental but a smoky flame of aspiration burnt through it all.

         My daughter’s blossoming at school and mirroring at home, her action of work is praiseworthy. There are no assumptions that she works with. Whether it is maths, language, model making etc. It is an experience of what she is and her relationship with the universe. My universe is stale in comparison with hers and she questions every assumption in it, every point of view, breathing into my soul, a yearning for wider horizons.

     ‘Education for life’ at VMWC a nice and practical approach, its my personal observation besides integral education. It shows how the deeper inner world of a child can be brought out in an environment that focuses on ‘learning through self knowledge’ and the ‘teaching that never feel being taught’.

         The process of self learning has helped Mrinalika to take responsibility for her actions and guidance from within. This inner anchor helps her to be honest with herself, overcome her weaknesses and enhance her strengths.

           Regarding group activities which nurtures the sense that together we can grow faster than alone as we can learn from each other and help each other

           Thank you so much VMWC for providing a learning ALTAR where we parents along with our children can enlighten ourselves…AMEN


                                                                                      Lipika Roy Trivedi.

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