A Home away from Home for my daughter

“Vidya Tree Modern World College”, a place where i feel my child is achieving complete all round development. Mrs. Heena is a wonderful teacher, she is motherly yet knows whats right for the kids. A friend to my daughter and a guide too. .Saanvi looks forward to going to her favourite Heena Ma’am, to learn new things & to play new pranks.

Education is imparted by way of various activities , which makes learning so much fun so that little minds are not burdened.The students have been taught about healthy & junk food. My fussy eater was always fond of Maggi/Pizza/Burger/Chocolates, like all kids .Heena Ma’am explained the importance of  healthy food in such a way that now Saanvi relishes her fruits & veggies, which is a big relief to me. Yesterday only she wanted to eat apple instead of having a packet of chips.

Teachers at VMWC have helped in inculcating various good habits eg switching off the electricity while leaving room & throwing garbage in dustbin to name a few. If accidently we throw something on floor at home or on road she is the one who teaches us to always use dustbins

The teachers encourage students to converse in English. At such a tender age Saanvi can fluently speak English with an amazing accent. As a mother I feel happy when my daughter gets praised for her English vocabulary

As parents its very difficult to explain them the reason why we celebrate festivals and stories behind it. But the festivals & special days are celebrated in such colourful way at school that kids enjoy being part of them.

Mother’s day was celebrated at school with so much fanfare.The teachers at school ensured that all mothers felt special. It was indeed a delight to watch our tiny tots perform.I was wondering when did my teeny weeny daughter outgrew my arms & went on the stage for such an endearing performance.

Above all the teacher is always approachable patiently hears all the fears and worries about kids and with a smile is always ready to help

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