Grade Nursery explores life cycles of animals

Students of grade Nursery were engaged in the reading of The Very Hungry Frog. They got exposed to the life cycle of a frog under the theme ‘Sharing the planet’. The little learners were very enthusiastic and demonstrated the attribute of inquirer and communicator throughout the session. We discussed questions like:

  • Where did the egg come from?
  • What changes did the caterpillar go through on its way to becoming a butterfly? What surprised them?

Students watched video which showed the changes that happen to several different organisms over the course of their life cycles. They saw a tadpole develop into a frog. They were asked to pay close attention to the changes that occurred. Later the students watched the video again and then arranged the life stage cards in the correct order to show the life cycle of the frog and a hen. Finally, the students coloured the worksheet given to them which showed the life cycle of the frog and the hen.

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