I fondly remember the “Hobby” period, in school,

Vaibhav Tripathi (ISC2002)

Vaibhav Tripathi (ISC2002)

I did B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in Electrical Engineering in the year 2006. Currently I am at Stanford University, California, U.S.A to pursue Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering. Currently it is my second year here at Stanford as a graduate student.

Creative thinking, self confidence, courage and a bit of irreverence are the traits which have always pronounced success for me. I have always tried new things which were deemed difficult/impossible before. I always believe that even if I fail, the experience will lead towards learning something new and also a route which I know is not worth traveling. I received the “Ratan Swaroop Memorial Award” in my Convocation from IIT Kanpur for outstanding all round performance in the graduating class of 2006. Without the qualities mentioned above, it would have been very difficult to excel in academics as well as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. I have filed patents with the US patent office which had helped me to build up my resume to apply to Stanford University. I received the Stanford Graduate Fellowship to support my research at Stanford and am the “T.J. Rodgers” fellow 2008-2009. In free time, I enjoy photography, travel and poetry.

I fondly remember the “Hobby” period, in school, during the winters. If you had swimming as a hobby, the hobby period was more or less free in winters. These were two 45-50 minutes slots on the either side of a 30min lunch break. This means that we had 130 minutes of non-stop cricket in school which I still feel was too cool.


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