I joined VMWC at 4 and left it after 14 years with indelible memories


Students of MYP did a candid interview of alumni Mrs. Tanya Sahani, from ISC 1999 batch. She is now a successful entrepreneur, Director, Health Zone. The interview left her nostalgic. The interview was done by Rohan Agarwal (Grade 7), Ananya Johari (Grade 8) & Isha Singh (Grade 8)


How has life been since you passed out The Modern School?

I got my graduation from IT college in medical nutrition and dietics. Then my post- graduation from IT itself and then I am here from 10 – 11 years.

What qualities did you develop in The Modern School that are still helpful?

First of all sincerity, because in our profession you need to be very sincere and have good

attitude, to connect and communicate with people. And of course values are most important. Whatever the school gave me has really helped me all through.

Did you ever have the pressure of studies or did you ever cram for an exam in school?

To be very frank, I never went for cramming, I just understood the concept and that gradually sunk in.

Did the school prepare you for success?

A lot!!! In the 14 years of my school life, the concepts I have were very clear. Nowadays, in other schools the concepts of science, mathematics, etc. are not very clear.

What do you remember most about the school?

My teachers and my friends; I am more close to my school friends than my college friends.

And the educational system; whenever I helped my daughter in her studies I remembered how I was taught.

The Bharatnatyam, we always used to perform in the annual function.

In the Cognito and Bal-Mela, how we used to manage our stalls and interact with different guests to our stalls.

Would you like to leave a message for the school?

Yes, I am very closely attached to Modern School. Now, the school also has an IB system. So, I wish the school all the best and hope it progresses and has many more branches in different cities.

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Class of:( batch) 1999
Graduation: BSc ( Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) 2002
Post Graduation: MSc ( Nutrition) 2004
Current status and city: Co owner at Health Zone, Lucknow

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"I started my life's journey from Modern School when I was 4 years old and completed 14 years till I passed class 12th. School is always an integral part of anybody's life and had many beautiful memories with Modern School, be it my Bharatnatyam performances or Singing contests or Meena ma'am.
After the school I landed up in Isabella Thoburn College and the secured world of school suddenly vanished.
I did my graduation and post graduation in Nutrition, became a professional Dietitian. I got married in 2004 and incidentally my Nutrition counselling skills got utilised in Health Zone.
Well I m also a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, 10 and 1 year old.
Well life has been through its ups and downs but life also has been kind"

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