My school has given me that motivation to do well in life, to make it as proud, as I am of it.-CA Rakhi Kapoor-ISC 2002


How my school made me what I am!!

Remember that very special day, the first day of school, that day when you first step out from your house, into an unknown world, a more disciplined world? Though, we do not realize it then, it is one of the most important days of our lives. Some embrace this day with open arms, as a symbol of adventure and fun and then there are others who cringe at the thought of straying away from their parents’ protection. What none of us realize then, is the fact that this day defines our existence as a civilized individual. Once you step into school, your life is never the same. Every day is a learning experience, every step a rendezvous with your destiny. And that is why, school to me, is the key to any person’s life map.

It has been 15 years, since, I parted ways with my school, but it is a part of me that demarcates every step I venture into the school of life. I grew up with the school and it was equally pleasurable to see the school grow with us, getting new classrooms, winning national accolades, and basically making us proud to be part of this great institution.

Even though, I can’t be a part of the festivities, I can at least share my happiness with many of my fellow school mates, who feel the same way. So, just recounting a few reasons why my school’s Foundation Day means so much and why I want to celebrate the existence of this establishment.

1. Entered a child, exited an individual

When you start school, you are already a little person, with traits that define you, but it is the school, the teachers, the principal, the help, who carve who you could be. Small gestures that changed our lives took birth in school. Not that parents don’t teach the same, but there is something about teachers, and getting either appreciated or reprimanded in public that had a larger effect. The qualities that you pick up over the years, makes you the person you are. So, if I get a good employee
evaluation and it says, “Meticulous, sincere and honest”, I have my school to thank for it.

2. Home away from home

An extension of the previous point, school is where you spend most of the time of your formative years. If there is a place children are as comfortable as being home, it is only school. The sense of routine, of seeing the same faces everyday, of being greeted by the same cheerful teacher, is what gives a sense of family to your experience at school.
And like family, you also gradually learn that you don’t always have to be extremely fond of everyone in the family, but just staying connected, being civil and being there for each other is enough. This is the place where I learnt
the basics of social living.

3. Found a career

Although a school gives you much more than just formal education, it does eventually direct you to your career goal in life. In the 12 years that I was at this wonderful school, I changed my aspirations many times, but it is the right kind of exposure and open discussions with teachers that helped me realize what I was passionate about.


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When you start school, you are already a little person, with traits
that define you, but it is the school, the teachers, the principal,
the help, who carve who you could be.

4. Well-rounded personality

As goes with sports, the ‘trying my hand’ at different art forms like drama, dance, music, arts and craft, has opened my life to fulfilling experiences.  Finding solace in books and making wonderful friends with the characters is also thanks to the wonderful library system of our school. Science fairs, study tours and other interactive ways to embrace knowledge has helped me be a better individual, today too.

5. Friends for life

Something I am eternally thankful to our school is for the opportunity to forge wonderful friendships. The home away from home, that school is, life’s closest confidantes are found here. School is where I found my most loyal, kind and
generous supporters, and I can only hope that my friends could say the same about me. And it is again teachers and the school who inculcate the necessity of finding great friends in life, by assigning study partners, making us share our benches and basically teaching us a lesson in having an open mind. It is at this time in life, that friends are the whole and sole of your life, and you never find stronger bonds than the ones created then.

6. Sense of Belonging
To say the least, my school gave me a sense of belonging, and along the years, if there is one thing that I have realized is important for a self-image, is being attached to a group, a clan, an institution, something you can call your own

Being successful doesn’t matter as much, if there is no one you can make
proud. My school has given me that motivation to do well in life, to make it as proud, as I am of it.

There are uncountable ways my school affected me, but these are the ones that made me who I am, and as thankful as I am for being a part of this magnificent school, I couldn’t be grateful enough to my parents, for making the right choice for me. I can only wish that wonderful citizens bring back the laurels for this school as alumni and create a place for this institution in the pages of history!


Batch 2002.

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