Success Day celebration at Vidyatree Modern World College

Vidyatree Modern World College celebrated the success of its students & alumni on Success Day 2017 on 15 October.

The Success Day started with a Panel Discussion on ‘What it takes to Succeed’ with 5 very successful alumni from different fields: Neeraj Agarwal, Nitin Mukerji, Brijesh Saxena, Tanya Sahni, Shanoli Agarwal

The alumni shared their experiences and stories of school life and their achievements after school and how the school played a very important role in building a strong base for their success.

Vidyatree parents and students were impressed by the achievements of the alumni and importance of hard work, humility and learning from failures repeated by all alumni.

Neeraj Agarwal (Alumni 1993) and Dr. Nitin Mukerji (Alumni 1994) were honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award 2017.

Panelist on the discussion 'What it takes to Succeed?'

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