Literary Carnival 2023

Modern School organised the Literary Carnival 2023 in April, providing today’s innovative, creative, and ambitious youth with a firsthand experience of various literary events. From April 25 to 28, this four-day fest captivated young intellectuals, featuring a diverse array of writers, storytellers, dramatists, and poets.

Students from all houses enthusiastically participated in events such as Newsroom, Role Play, Spell-bee, and Short film, offered in both English and Hindi languages for junior and senior categories. These activities not only entertained but also served as platforms for developing critical reading and writing skills, as well as effective communication in relevant contexts.

The Literary Carnival proved to be more than just an event, it was an opportunity to ignite creativity and broaden students’ imagination. Through various inter-house activities, students honed their creative and communication skills, gained confidence, and cultivated a passion for literature in both English and Hindi. The event’s impact extended beyond the festival dates, creating lasting habits of reading and writing while fostering a deep appreciation for the richness of language and storytelling.

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