37th Annual Cognito

Modern School hosted COGNITO, a showcase of innovative projects, on December 17, 2023. Twelve distinguished judges, including alumni and parents, were divided into four groups to evaluate projects from different grade levels. The theme, “Innovations that change our world,” focused on AI and community projects tackling societal issues such as begging mafia, animal cruelty, and road safety.

Students presented visionary projects like low-cost portable AC, SMART Taj Mahal, and AI-based solutions. Community projects addressing societal concerns earned special recognition, emphasising the students’ impact on humanity. The event fostered self-management, social, and communication skills among participants, while encouraging in-depth research and critical thinking.

COGNITO exemplified the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) community projects, promoting service learning and responsible action. From Blind X aiding visually impaired individuals to AI insights on disaster management, students showcased their ability to address global challenges with creativity and dedication. COGNITO received acclaim for its contributions to sustainable development and youth empowerment.

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